What is StoryEngine?

StoryEngine is way to listen to and learn from the people who matter most to an organization or a cause. It can be used to do research, monitor or evaluate a program, generate learning, or facilitate grant reporting. StoryEngine is based in-depth interviews that get transformed into stories. These stories are data points as well as assets — for communications, advocacy, and more. Story collections form a dataset that can analyzed to surface insights and inform strategy and design decisions.

Why Loup built StoryEngine — and why we made the methodology open

Loup is a design thinking consultancy founded by Mozillians and supporters of the open movement. We wanted to help organizations listen to their customers, stakeholders and staff and build better feedback loops with the people that matter most to them — the people they serve. We made the StoryEngine guidebook open so that anyone can use the methodology.

Loup’s manifesto speaks to the power of conversations and elevating voices, and how working open boosts uptake and impact. When we say “conversations change lives” and “organizations are more effective and make a bigger difference in the world when we’re more open” — we mean it. Great conversations are still one the world’s most powerful experiences — and one of the single best ways to learn anything.

Sharing the methodology openly is one of the ways we contribute to the open movement and increase impact. We want to share what we’ve learned, make it easier for others to participate, spark great conversations, and tap good ideas that come from all over the world.

Shared by: @Listening_Loup
Image Credit: StoryEngine.io/guide