SPLOT tools are online publishing tools aimed at making it as easy as possible to post content to the open web. One key principles underpinning the design of these tools is to enable users to share content without having to create an account or to providing any required personal information.

An initial suite of TRU SPLOT tools were developed by Alan Levine while on a fellowship at Thompson Rivers University. While so far SPLOT tools have been conceived as modified versions of WordPress themes (code available on GitHub), the notion could be extended to refer to tools created with other technologies but sharing the same goal of making it possible for users to easily post content online.

This very website, the OWLTEH Catalogue, is built using one of the SPLOT tools, namely the TRU Collector. The OWLTEH Perspectives and OWLTEH  Stories sites use other types of SPLOT.

SPLOT is an acronym without just one single meaning. Here some possibilities:

  • S: Smallest/Simplest
  • P: Possible/Portable
  • L: Learning/Living
  • O: Open/Online
  • T: Tool/Technology

Shared by: Daniel Villar-Onrubia
Image Credit: http://splot.ca