The Rebus Projects platform is “a custom-built project management tool for collaboration on Open Educational Resources (OER) publishing projects around the world.”

During the beta stage, they are looking for projects meeting the following criteria:

– The project aims to create an open textbook/OER which can be used in courses at a higher education institution.
– The resulting textbook and associated materials will be published under a CC-BY license. (Note: for projects involving traditional knowledge or other similar content, we will work with project teams to amend our licensing policy as needed).
– The text will be published online and made available in editable formats.
– The project has a responsible and dedicated project manager, lead author or leadership team.
– At least one member of the project team can communicate with the Rebus team in English. (Note: the textbook itself can be in any language.)
– The project team understands that Rebus Projects is in a beta phase, and is willing to actively engage with the process to support its development.

They are particularly interested in projects that:

1. “Are based outside North America (with the caveat that our platform and working language is currently English),
2. Include and highlight traditionally marginalised voices and communities,
3. Are at the peer review stage, OR
4. Fit into any combination of the above.

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